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Adhesive Spray 400ml
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Adhesive Spray 400ml

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GREEN STUFF WORLD Adhesive Spray 400ml

Permanent glue in spray specially designed for hobby and modeling. Its finish is transparent and its versatility allows it to glue a wide variety of hobby materials such as paper, metal, plastic, many synthetic materials, wood, textiles, etc.

Specially designed to fix electrostatic grass, flocks, foams, and other modeling materials in dioramas, scale trees, and miniature bases.


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Noch Coal Nothing is more realistic than natural products.So for your model railway landscaping there are many selected natural stones by NOCH.All stones are finely crushed and sorted in size.

Noch 09202


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This natural grass is used in dioramas, for dioramas floors to use under vegetation, to create areas with dry vegetation and for many other purposes.

You only need to take a piece, cut with scissors and paste with white glue.

German Street

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Mini Art German Street

Mini Art 36037

 To προιόν αυτό βρίσκεται σε στοκ στο κατάστημα Νέας Σμύρνης ,τηλ:210-9348077 

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