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10x Sculpting Tools
  • New

10x Sculpting Tools

In Stock
Price €11.00

GREEN STUFF WORLD 10x Sculpting Tools

To προιόν αυτό βρίσκεται σε στοκ στο κατάστημα Νέας  Σμύρνης ,τηλ:210-9348077

These tools are made of stainless Steel and hand-crafted by master craftsmen.

This hobby tool range double-headed sculpting tools are to be used in conjunction with Green Stuff or any other modelling Putty or Clay and will give you all of the indispensable tools and supplies needed for every project. 

Material: Stainless steel

6x Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set

In Stock
Price €6.50

To προιόν αυτό βρίσκεται σε στοκ στο κατάστημα Νέας  Σμύρνης ,τηλ:210-9348077

Miniature sculpting tools are made of fine ribbon steel, heat treated for maximum strength. For fine sculpting, detailing and trimming. Firmly set in a 1/4” diameter (6mm), 5” long (12.5cm) aluminum handle. Ideal for working with any modeling medium.
You get all tools that you need for your metal clay, polymer clay, wax, soap and other craft projects.
This set includes 6 different ribbon tools all made in stainless steel.

9MM 13-point Snap Blade

In Stock
Price €3.20

Excel 9MM 13-point Snap Blade

Used for: cutting cardboard packages, paper, plastic, canvas, cloth, film, model making, pumpkin carving, card-stock, foam boards, tape, wood, polymer clay, vinyl, cork and other light-weight materials.

Adhesive Spray 400ml

In Stock
Price €11.40

GREEN STUFF WORLD Adhesive Spray 400ml

Permanent glue in spray specially designed for hobby and modeling. Its finish is transparent and its versatility allows it to glue a wide variety of hobby materials such as paper, metal, plastic, many synthetic materials, wood, textiles, etc.

Specially designed to fix electrostatic grass, flocks, foams, and other modeling materials in dioramas, scale trees, and miniature bases.

Cap Opener

In Stock
Price €10.00

Mr.Hobbby Cap Opener Εργαλειο για ανοιγμα χρωματων Gunze -Tamiya

Mr.Hobby GT-56

Εργαλειο για ανοιγμα χρωματων Gunze -Tamiya Mr.Hobby GT-56

Circle Cutter Circular Cutter
  • New

Circle Cutter Circular Cutter

In Stock
Price €16.50

Simplify circular cutting with the Excel Blades circular cutter!
Compass equipped with screw cap to tighten or loosen on tape measure or ruler
Easily able to slide from both ends of the tape measure or ruler.
Lead post allowed for replaceable lead.
Used for: cutting photographs, paper, card stock and other thin materials
Ruler not included.
Made in the USA.

Coarse Saw Blade

In Stock
Price €4.60

Excel 30460 Coarse Cut 24 teeth per inch 5 inches Long by 1 1/4 inch deep, 0.012 inch thick

24 δόντια ανα ίντσα Ιδανικό για κόψιμο μπάλσας ,ρητίνης,πλαστικού,μετάλλου

Colour Shapers Brushes SIZE...
  • New

Colour Shapers Brushes SIZE 2 - EXTRA FIRM

In Stock
Price €13.50

To προιόν αυτό βρίσκεται σε στοκ στο κατάστημα Νέας  Σμύρνης ,τηλ:210-9348077

Silicone Brushes – Colour Shapers

They are excellent tools to sculpt and add incredible effects when modeling and sculpting with different putties, clays and fimo. They are somewhere between a brush, a palette knife, a modelling tool and your fingers. Easy-to-clean and long lasting. Non absorbent.

This is the extra firm version of the black silicone brushes. They would be twice as hard as normal firm brushes.

This set is including 5 different brushes with 5 different tips with 8 mm length by 5 mm width - SIZE #2

Hardness: EXTRA FIRM (very hard)

Compressor AS-186

In Stock
Price €138.00

 Compressor AS-186

Power: 1/6 HP Speed: 1450/1700 r.p.m Air output per min./litres: 20~23L/min Auto stop, start at 3bar (43 psi), stop at 4bar (57 psi) Working pressure: 0~4 bar Air tank: 3.0L Weight: 5.2KG Dimension: 310x130x310mm   .

Coping Saw

In Stock
Price €17.00
Carded Coping Saw w/ 4 Extra Blades 7.0 x 4.5 deep saw. Perfect for cutting plastic, cardboard, styrofoam and intricate wood cutouts. Adjustable wooden handle holds blades taut for positive control. Includes four assorted blades. Excel 55676

Decal Fixer

In Stock
Price €3.50

GREEN STUFF Decal Fixer 17ML

GSW Decal Fixer helps the application of decals onto surfaces of models, miniatures and dioramas. The GSW Decal Fixer prepares the surface with special agents that soften the solvents of modern paints making decals more resistant and glue stronger. In addition, the decal fixer makes the decal more flexible and increases the adherence, preventing the silvering effect.

Decal Softener

In Stock
Price €3.50


The GSW Decal softener is the solution for the application of decals on uneven or rough surfaces.
It completely softens the decal to allow it to adapt and be perfectly fixed to the surface of the model in order to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, and in this way, you can obtain perfect results that otherwise would be impossible.

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