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10x Sculpting Tools

Τιμή 12,50 €

GREEN STUFF WORLD 10x Sculpting Tools

These tools are made of stainless Steel and hand-crafted by master craftsmen.

This hobby tool range double-headed sculpting tools are to be used in conjunction with Green Stuff or any other modelling Putty or Clay and will give you all of the indispensable tools and supplies needed for every project. 

Material: Stainless steel

6x Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set

Τιμή 6,50 €
Miniature sculpting tools are made of fine ribbon steel, heat treated for maximum strength. For fine sculpting, detailing and trimming. Firmly set in a 1/4” diameter (6mm), 5” long (12.5cm) aluminum handle. Ideal for working with any modeling medium.
You get all tools that you need for your metal clay, polymer clay, wax, soap and other craft projects.
This set includes 6 different ribbon tools all made in stainless steel.

Adhesive Spray 400ml

Τιμή 13,50 €

GREEN STUFF WORLD Adhesive Spray 400ml

Permanent glue in spray specially designed for hobby and modeling. Its finish is transparent and its versatility allows it to glue a wide variety of hobby materials such as paper, metal, plastic, many synthetic materials, wood, textiles, etc.

Specially designed to fix electrostatic grass, flocks, foams, and other modeling materials in dioramas, scale trees, and miniature bases.

Aliphatic resin 500gr

Τιμή 18,00 €

DELUXE MATERIAL Aliphatic Resin 500g

Famous “yellow” wood glue used in aeromodelling and professional applications where hard woods are used; dries crisper than PVA giving better sanding specially with balsawood.

Will not pull joints as it sets, resulting in better dimensional stability important for airframe construction.

Also sets at low temperatures and is water resistant making it ideal for model boats.

Use in miniature furniture making where its useful properties include:

• Taking a stain.

• Faster grab time

Brown Stuff Tape 18 inches

Τιμή 10,50 €

Kneadatite Brown Stuff it is a room-temperature curing two-part epoxy/polyamide putty. Excellent adhesion to metal, and 90 minutes of worklife. 

Brown Stuff is similar to Green Stuff but sets slightly harder and remains malleable. Bown Stuff has a thicker consistency so it is a little easier to work with for beginners. Brown Stuff can be mixed with other putties to vary the carving and working texture and also the final hardness.

Cures very hard, great for finer details such as sharp tips, points, weapon blades, armours, and other hard-line details.

Both strips of material in the package are not in contact to avoid waste of material.

This set contains 18 inches of material --> 46 cm


Τιμή 8,90 €

Multi-purpose gap-filling canopy glue. Thick & tacky, dries clear, remains flexible. Bonds combinations of wood, plastic, fabric, foil, painted surfaces. Ideal for:

  • Aeroplane canopies

  • Model boat plastic windows

  • Sealing gaps & small holes

  • Repairing tears in covering film

  • Application of rivets on scale models.

Circle Cutter Circular Cutter

Τιμή 16,50 €

Simplify circular cutting with the Excel Blades circular cutter!
Compass equipped with screw cap to tighten or loosen on tape measure or ruler
Easily able to slide from both ends of the tape measure or ruler.
Lead post allowed for replaceable lead.
Used for: cutting photographs, paper, card stock and other thin materials
Ruler not included.
Made in the USA.

Colour Shapers Brushes SIZE 0 - BLACK FIRM

Τιμή 13,31 €

Green Stuff WORLD Colour Shapers Brushes SIZE 0 - BLACK FIRM

Green Stuff World Colour Shapers Brushes SIZE 0 - BLACK FIRM

This is the firm version of the black silicone brushes. They would be twice as hard as normal white brushes, and half than extra firm.

This set is coming with 5 different brushes with 5 different tips with 6mm length by 3 mm width - SIZE #0

Colour Shapers Brushes SIZE 2 - EXTRA FIRM

Τιμή 13,50 €

To προιόν αυτό βρίσκεται σε στοκ στο κατάστημα Νέας  Σμύρνης ,τηλ:210-9348077

Silicone Brushes – Colour Shapers

They are excellent tools to sculpt and add incredible effects when modeling and sculpting with different putties, clays and fimo. They are somewhere between a brush, a palette knife, a modelling tool and your fingers. Easy-to-clean and long lasting. Non absorbent.

This is the extra firm version of the black silicone brushes. They would be twice as hard as normal firm brushes.

This set is including 5 different brushes with 5 different tips with 8 mm length by 5 mm width - SIZE #2

Hardness: EXTRA FIRM (very hard)

Compressor AS-186

Τιμή 138,00 €

 Compressor AS-186

To προιόν αυτό βρίσκεται σε στοκ στο κατάστημα Νέας  Σμύρνης ,τηλ:210-9348077

Power: 1/6 HP Speed: 1450/1700 r.p.m Air output per min./litres: 20~23L/min Auto stop, start at 3bar (43 psi), stop at 4bar (57 psi) Working pressure: 0~4 bar Air tank: 3.0L Weight: 5.2KG Dimension: 310x130x310mm   .

Coping Saw blades

Τιμή 4,30 €

Excel 20570

Excel Coping Saw blades ,include 4 different blades 16,5 cm long

Περιέχει 4 Ανταλλακτικές λεπίδες για την σέγα  Ιδανικές για ρητίνη ,ξύλο,μέταλλο,πλαστικό 

Corrugator Tool
  • Νέο

Corrugator Tool

Τιμή 11,00 €



The Corrugator tool is a specialized device designed made of aluminum for crafting scale corrugated metal sheets. These sheets mimic the appearance of real-world corrugated iron, commonly used in construction and industrial settings. This ingenious device allows you to produce scale corrugated metal sheets up to 7.5 cm wide with ease, adding an authentic touch to your projects.

Create and Shape

Τιμή 12,00 €

A lightweight, non-sagging scenic modelling material for the creation and casting of realistic diorama groundwork.

Create and Shape can be moulded and smoothed with a soft wet brush before completely dry.

It dries without cracking to a material with great structural integrity bonding wood, plaster, plastic, foam etc. It can be cut, sawn and filed to shape when dry without crumbling like other products and then glued and coloured with acrylic for beautiful scenic effects. Ideal for repairs and special scenic projects where strength and durability is required.


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