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Airbrush Cleaner (250ml)

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Price €7.80

Airbrush Cleaner TAMIYA (250ml)

TAMIYA 87089

This powerful cleaner is indispensable for airbrush maintenance. Easily removes any tarnishes in the intricate airbrush system and it can also be used to clean weathering sticks and paintbrushes.

Amphibious Vehicle Motor Kit

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TAMIYA Amphibious Vehicle Motor Kit

TAMIYA 70119

The Amphibious Vehicle utilizes a combination of wheel and propeller power to move itself both on land and while floating on water. The FA-130 Underwater Motor powers both the rear wheels and the propeller. Styrofoam floats keep the vehicle stable on top of the water while the adjustable rudder steers the vehicle in water.

Require Battery

Bf-109 G-6 1/72

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Price €21.50

TAMIYA Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6

TAMIYA 60790

To προιόν αυτό βρίσκεται σε στοκ στο κατάστημα Νέας  Σμύρνης ,τηλ:210-9348077

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