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Price €7.01

Mr.Hobby SF287

This is a surfacer with primer (base filling paint).
The material used in Surfacer 1000, which is gaining overwhelming popularity for plastic models has been improved for this product.
Surface attachment has been enhanced not only for plastic models but also for metal in etched parts and resin.
Spray type and bottle type are available. Color is gray.

Mr.Cement SPB Black

In Stock
Price €6.50

Black color comes in Mr.CEMENT SP. It colors application in black as you can see where you apply on. For plastic plate craft, applied surface turned in lack so that you can measure precisely. It is a kind of pigment that is covered by coating paint.

Triangle Razor Saw

In Stock
Price €5.00

CMK Triangle Razor Saw ( H συσκευασία περιέχει μόνο το πριονάκι)

 New, triangle-shaped razor saw, great for cutting in hard-to-reach areas.

CMK 1018

Milliput Terracotta

Out of stock
Price €5.00

Milliput Terracotta  113.4gr 2 part epoxy putty

Milliput is a versatile manipulative two part epoxy putty which when mixed together sets rock hard. When first mixed, the putty is pliable and easily shaped. By wetting the Milliput with a finely woven moist cloth a very smooth finish can be easily obtained.

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